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Which Is Your Color?

The other day, while surfing the web, I stumbled upon Colorstrology, via Pantone.
Besides being a beautiful web page, (full of color inpiration), it’s a fun site where you can find what your birthday color is. According to it, this color can tell a little (or lot!) about your personality. Think about horoscope meets rainbow kind of thing.
Anyhow, I was completely interested, and this is what turned out:
Diligent, attractive, responsible… hmmmm, gotta say I’m liking this Colorstrology thing!

Ok. Serious time now. What stroke me the most is that my color (Dusky Orchid -pantone 17-1610) is exactly the same color I chose before we moved in for our TV room AND Master Bedroom. Now that’s a coincidence!

(I know it’s hard to tell from the dark picture, but I promise it’s the same paint from the TV room)
If you’d like to try for yourself, visit Colorstrology. Oh! And don’t forget to share your personality color here! 😉

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