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Unfinished business

Four months ago, and without thinking about it (evidence here) I dared to buy 10 yards of this fabric:
I didn’t mention what it was all about, because I meant to give you a surprise… My surprise was it’s been 4 months and I still don’t finish my project (what was I thinking!?)
Anyway, I’m not completely guilty, you know it. I got caught in the emotion of DIYing, decorating my house, and doing my everyday stuff (aka job, daughter, house chores, you name it). Reality is, I need much more time to get my projects done than I would like to… but I get them done. Which means, if I can, you can! Our homes don’t become heaven from night to day, we need to take tiny little steps to get there.
 Well, suspense is over for you! I’ve decided to spill the beans. This is what I’ve especially been doing this week (drums, please!):
I bought the fabric so I could make myself slipcovers for my couches in the TV room. As I said, I’m still not done here (I’m finishing the first one out of TWO!), but this week I really put time and effort into it, and it finally shows! I feel sooo happy. And how could I not want to share the thrill with you?
Of course, this couldn’t have been possible without the help of my mom. She’s teaching me how to use her machine.
So, eventhough I’m still a little far away from the end, I’m happy.
Promise to share the tutorial with you soon (that is, in another 4 months. Just kidding!)

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  • Reply Patti G 2 octubre, 2010 at 9:52 am

    ahi va, ahi vaaaa!!! ya casi amigaaaa!!! ya quiero ver el resultado final!

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