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Those Beautiful Topiaries

I love gardening. It’s one of those things that flies me away.

For quite a long time, I was in paradise. Living in my parents’ place was idyllic to me, because their house has a large garden, with plenty of plants, mostly fruit trees and flowers. In those days, I would easily spend the whole afternoon there. Total pleasure to me.
Now, I’m living the opposite. I’ve said it again and again . Our casa is tiny. And so are its green areas.
Don’t get me wrong, I love our house (and its size). It suits us just fine.
However, it hadn’t made me think about gardening enough. I mean, sure there were some random thoughts in my mind, but ever since I planted our aloe veras, it’s gotten crazy! Now I’m trying to figure out ways of incorporating plants everywhere I can. If our garden is small, that doesn’t mean I have to give up on it, do I?
Enough intro. The other day I was watching The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan’s version) with my daughter. I’ve always loved that movie. And I’ve always admired the interiors –and exteriors- in both houses.
Forget about the house for a moment. Will you look at those balconies!
And those topiaries!
{both images via hooked on houses}
Then it hit me. Remember my french balcony inspiration? In case you don’t, here it is for you again:
I love it!!!!!
I’ve recently discovered I heart topiaries. And I love their cute little ways in balconies.
Here are more topiary inspirations I’ve been looking at lately:

What are your thoughts on topiaries for balconies? How do you like those beautiful shapes? Are they easy to take care of?
Do share!

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