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This Christmas holidays, I made a new style discovery. I’m talking about the great Canibal Royal, in Playa de Carmen, in gorgeous Mexican Caribbean. I love it not only because its amazing style, delicious food and wonderful mood, but also because of its oh so lovely design. 

 Canibal Royal is a restaurant and beach club in north Playa del Carmen, right at the beach. With a 50’s style, the place is decorated with hip furniture, trendy patterns (just see the bar at the back) and a relaxed atmosphere. The perfect thing to enjoy the beach.

The place is a really wonderful, and a total inspiration for a design-lover like myself. I enjoyed talking pictures almost as much as I enjoyed the place itself, for everywhere I looked was a picture spot. My favorite shots, though, are the boats by the sea, and these last ones, which were taken when the sun set. The sky turned pinkish, the light was perfect, and then, the lanterns where turned on. Honestly, could I ask for more?


  By the way, if your ever in Cancun or Playa thel Carmen, you definitely want to consider going to grab a bite there. No regrets.  😉

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  • Reply Patti G 11 enero, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    hola rocio!! andaba desaparecida pero ya estoy de vuelta :O me gusto mucho este lugar porque tiene un airecillo a las peliculas de mauricio garces jajaja pero en el buen sentido… tmb el post pasado del depa con balcon, es una verdadera monada… te mando un grande beso!!!

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