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There’s another idea wandering my mind every so often: growing my own herb garden. Sigh. The whole idea is so romantic. Growing my own little garden somewhere in my own little house, flavors and smells fresh and ready for any craving we get. Mmmmh hhhmmm. Watching my husband make us a tasty pizza, working it all together. Using my herbs, from my (ok, our) garden.

{photo from No Reservations movie, 2007}

My ideas on our herbal garden are clearer everyday. Ok, allow me to be honest. They’re totally clear to me now (I think you all will like it!).  I’m planning on working on that when the rain allows me (surprisingly for all of us, it has poured for the last couple of days non-stop –NOT common here).

In the meantime, I enjoy inspirational pics. These are the ones I liked the most.

Will you look at those planters?! Am I the only one who hadn’t seen these?
{both images via the balcony gardener}
So unbelievable! These planters even made me consider changing my herb garden idea. Wouldn’t they look amazing over the kitchen counter, next to a window? That would be really fresh and ready for cooking. I’ve got a crush on them. Designed by UK designer Patrick Morris, they’re a little out of our reach. 35 dollars for a planter. Well worth it. But still out of our reach (I would also have to pay for international shipping, so thanks, but no thanks).

A timeless classic. Pots by the window.

Who better for this beautiful twist on the window version? I love you, Martha Stewart. You and your genious, creative ideas.
I love this stair. But I would need space, and you know I’m short on that.

{the balcony gardener}
Another traditional, and pretty idea. Little balcony container. Perfect for lack of space. By the way, LOVE The Balcony Gardener. Beautiful and simple ideas. If you live in UK it’s a must.

Once again, Kate pulls it all together. Gorgeous pots.
So tell me pretty please, which are your favorite ideas for herb gardens? Are they really so easy to grow as they say?
On other things, did any of you see It’s Complica
? That Nancy Meyers sure knows how to tell a story. But don’t get me started right now. It’s late and I’m waking up early. Besides, that movie deserves a post all by its own.
Good night y’all.

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  • Reply Flory 4 febrero, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    I wonder how the soil stays in those upside-down pots. I like the window idea, and the stair idea. I've wanted an herb garden for a while too, but I couldn't come up with any ideas. You just gave me a few. Thanks!

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