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Happy Bloggiversary Casa Haus

It’s our birthday! Yay!
Casa Haus started a year ago like a tiny seed waiting to flourish. And boy has it! This has become quite an adventure, and I couldn’t feel happier or more thankful. I’ve met delightful people, I keep finding inspiration everywhere, but best of all, I’m thankful for having people interested in reading me. It’s amazing.
So what comes next year?
I’ve got many plans (as usual)! And I’d better share them with you, because that’s my way of forcing myself to make them all (it might take longer than I wish for, but I get there).
For starters, our family is soon having a party, so I’ll be sharing with you my adventures in decorating and doing it (a WHOLE new world for me, and I’m loving it!).
And of course, Christmas is almost here, so I’ll be sharing tutorials and easy decor. Plus, lots of images for inspiration, of course!
As if that wasn’t all, I’m full of design issues here at home, so get ready for beautiful inspiration images and dealing with low budgets, NO time, and HUGE ambitions! 
Better get working.
I promise to write as soon as I can.


  • Reply Patti G 11 noviembre, 2010 at 10:11 am

    felicidadeees!!!! y que sigan viniendo mas años!!

  • Reply Patti G 12 noviembre, 2010 at 1:10 am

    felicidadeees!!!! y que sigan viniendo mas años!!

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