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Halloween Decorating- Easy Bats

We’ve started decorating for Halloween on the weekend. With a girl at home, Halloween is a huge holiday, and a great chance for us to have fun crafting and thinking of ideas for our home.
One of our favorite crafts is making bats. I got this idea from Country Living, so you probably know it already. In case you don’t, it’s a wonderful idea. Easy, unexpensive, quick, and huge impact. Seriously. Just take a look at our house!
You’ll need:
Black construction paper (I chose one with a soft texture, almost velvet-like)
Bat template from Country Living (get it here) 
How to:
  Start by printing the bat template from Country Living.
It’s a good idea to resize with a photocopier. This way you’ll have different bat sizes. I used 3 different sizes.
Cut out.
Following the instructions, trace the template onto your paper. Remember the template is only half the bat, so fold you paper to get the whole bat.
This is how they look. Spooky!
I cut plenty of bats. Remember, the more, the merrier.
Using tape, place them everywhere. I put many in our balcony.
And our downstairs window.

The results are truly amazing! They look very real!
How do you like them?
And they’re equally cool from the inside. This is how they look from our bedroom.
There you have it, one of our easiest Halloween crafts. By the way, kids love it, because they can help you out all along the way.
Meanwhile, we’re still crafting our way out of Halloween. Our house is a complete mess, but it’ll be over soon (I hope), and soon I’ll be sharing with you our projects. We’re excited, and loving it!  =)
What are you up to?
Are you into Halloween decorating?
Do tell!

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  • Reply Christen 18 octubre, 2010 at 9:27 am

    Cute!! I decorated my house for Halloween with some silhouettes too. Here's the post:

    Love your blog!

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