Got Lemons?

I heart this time of year. Heat is gone, days are rainy, and the afteroons… well, they’ve got a certain feeling in the air. Perfect for a walk or a delicious chat over a cup of coffee.
I like it because it’s the harvest time of year. These days we’ve gone to several corn parties, and the fruit trees at my parents’ house are loaded! =)
These are good days.
Anyhow, yesterday I was visiting at my mom’s house, and she gave me a bag full of lemons, and another one with guavas. Her trees are literally falling because of the fruit.
This is how great they look!
Since it’s a LOT of lemons, I made little lemon ice cubes.
This is a perfect advice if you happen to have lots of lemons, any time of year. In my case, every cube equals one lemon’s juice (how practical is that?).
This way, when season is over, I’ve got plenty of them in the freezer. =)
And they’re easy to grab for a quick lemonade for meals, or if I have a surprise visit. 😉
Easy peasy!
You can do this with any fruit, not just lemons. It’s also great when you find certain fruits on sale at the grocery.

Anybody in the mood for a lemonade?
PS I’m sharing this tutorial at:


  • Reply Patti G 30 septiembre, 2010 at 9:52 am

    que buena ideaaaa!!!mi mama tmb tiene arbol de limones y como te explico que tengo como 3 kilos en el refri sin saber que hacer con ellos porque ya me acabe todas las ideas jajaja, asi que en cuanto pueda a exprimir se ha dichoo!!!

  • Reply Anji* 1 octubre, 2010 at 9:22 am

    What a great idea! So convenient 🙂

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