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Going Green

Even with the green trend, I find there is still the belief that green design is not trendy enough, luxurious enough, or livable enough. To me, an environmental lover, it’s a matter of being congruent with Earth. That’s why I love to find good examples of green living and green designing. =)
So, this is how I found about Alex Scott Porter Design, a NY based firm doing green arquitechture. Love it. They’re work is truly remarkable.

That’s where I saw this gorgeous house, which used an antique barn about to be demolished as an addition to the previous house, joined by the kitchen (the central, glass structure). I love the contrast of old and new, and the simple design which adds elegance to this lovely house.

My favorite rooms are the living room with pink pillows and the bedroom. Exquisite.

Do you fancy green design? Are you up for green living?

images: alex scott porter design

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