Getting the Dirty Job Done -Part I

The rain finally stopped today, and the sun actually came out for a couple of hours during the afternoon. I had to take full advantage. As soon as I could, I got my hands ready to work on my recently unfinished project. The dirtiest project ever.
I do not lie. As shameful as this may be, I give you the evidence:
Oh, yes! Things got pretty ugly around here. But let me start from the beginning.

Two days ago, I went to the nursery garden and bought myself the following:
Two wheeled bases.
Two very large terracota flower pots. (Yes, those are my shoes).
Two Eugenia trees.
Wanna take a closer look?
Lovely, huh?
I was anxious to get home with my Eugenias.
I got home and showed everything to hubby. He didn’t believe their size, and honestly, I didn’t either. I don’t want to get you tired with it again, but turns out the plants were indeed large for our house size. And they were heavy. Both the Eugenias and the terracota pots.
Hubs is very supportive. He gave me thumbs up and helped me get them off the car.
We didn’t know where to begin with. I wanted to pass the trees to their pots back in the garden, so I didn’t make any mess inside the house. HOWEVER if each plant was sooooo heavy by its own, how would we (or more precisely he) take them upstairs to the Master Bedroom’s balcony, where they were intended, once inside their equally heavy pots?
Seemed like there wasn’t much of a choice.
Hubs took everything upstairs, and the dirty job began.
True. There was a knife involved.
Eventhough the lady at the nursery told me the pots were perfect for the plants, the Eugenias didn’t fit. There was no way of putting them inside. My husband, being the practical man that he is, brought the scariest and sharpest knife from the kitchen (sort of like a butcher’s) and I proceeded to cut away what didn’t fit. Both trees are heavily rooted, so I had to cut some roots too. Ouch! But in the end we did it. At least we were half-way thru.
By the way, the pouring rain I was telling you about begun that very same night (two nights ago). I guess you can imagine what the mess turned out. But it was so much fun. Thank God I thought of the wheeled bases.
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  • Reply fawnda 5 febrero, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    WOW! What a big job and messy! @ thumbs up to your hubby! : ) I am sure the trees will look great once everything is setteled and cleaned up! : )

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