Excellent ideas – Decorate for Fall

Fall has finally fallen, and we’re surrounded by warm tones in leaves, soothing sounds of wind, sweet aromas in the air, and soft textures in throws and clothing.
Same goes for our home. It’s time to get it in the mood for this time of year, with beautiful colors and lovely accents. Plus, it’s a foreword for the joyful Holiday season. Here are 5 tips to get your home ready for fall.
1. Start by your entrance
Prepare a welcoming door with a fall wreath.
You can try to make your own with fallen leaves, of pinecones. Best thing is you can use this same wreath for Christmas, by simply adding red and green touches.
2. Accesorize with warm tones
A great way to incorporate fall into your home is by using warm-tone accesories. Think gold, orange, and brown.
3. Leaves, leaves, and leaves!
The main characters in this season are leaves. You can decorate anything from walls, to pillow covers. I love the use of gold in these plates by West Elm, because it gives an extra touch of elegance. 

Using leaves doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. You can pick up leaves and go DIY (love it!). Place fallen leaves anywhere, they are the perfect decorating element this time of year.
4. Candles

Candles bring warmth to a room even without being lit. Choose scents that go with the season for an extra touch of fall.
5. Throws and pillows
We cannot forget throws and pillows. A throw in your living room or TV room is perfect for guests or family members snuggling on the sofa and late-night chit-chat.

If you choose pillows, go for knitwear to add texture.
As you see, fall decor shouldn’t be elaborate or high-budget. You can buy your own home to bring fall. A few details here and there can really make a difference!


  • Reply Patti G 4 octubre, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    me encantaron las velas con las hojitas pegadas , esta muuy facil de hacer!!

    a mi suegra el encanta adornar todo segun la epoca y acaba de hacer una corona hermooooosa, pero no le tome fotos y se la regalo a su hermana 🙁 buuuuu, pero si hace una para ella te la ense;o, un besoo!

  • Reply Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality 5 octubre, 2010 at 10:17 am

    What wonderful touches of Fall in every pic, great ideas! Thanks for stopping by.

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