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Designers – Oki Sato and His Invisible Chair

Picture yourself sitting on thin air. Resting while you float.
It’s all possible with the transparent chair.
It’s made with polyurethane film, commonly used as a packing material for precision instruments, thanks to its high elasticity and ability to return to its original state.
It softly wraps and supports the body, pretty much like a hammock does. 
The amazing chair was designed by Oki Sato y made by his company, Nendo.
I love its simple lines and structure.
Also, from Nendo, I found another quite interesting chair.
Not invisible, but it seems to disappear.
Meet the fadeout chair.
I think it’s pretty. And oh so lovely.
The chair’s back and seat are wooden, and the acrylic legs are painted so that the wood grain appears to fade away.  

images: nendo

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