Designer Spotlight – John Saladino

I ran accross some photos from a Soho apartment in NYC, designed by John Saladino and I just had to share with you. Tremendous amounts of eye candy and inspiration!
The inspiration for this apartment was the movie Girl with a Pearl Earring, depicting the life of Vermeer, the great Dutch painter. I love the color palette that Saladino chose to use, especially the light brown backgrounds found on the floors and walls.
Paladino uses drapes to separate two different areas; the living room and the kitchen. This is a very easy way to create two rooms in one, while leaving the feeling of openness.
As you see, the color palette is uniform throughout the house. I love the look of silver against light brown.
The breakfast nook was created in the same space as the living room. Saladino uses smaller furniture to separate it from the rest of the room.
I haven’t seen the idea of a sofa at the dining room before, but I think it looks lovely. I like that it gives a casual feeling to the room, almost like another living room.
This is my favorite space. I’ll definitely use this as inspiration! The stairwell is simply amazing. Again, the use of earthlike tones gives a sense of unity to the apartment.
This is the second floor landing, which I find totally beautiful. The star sitting on the bench is completely inspiring. Saladino uses the mirror to double the space. Again, another excellent idea to apply in any space.
I like the rock containers, they’re so original!
In the bathroom, some paintings by Verneer.
Can you tell where the mirror is in this room? A clever way to use it was placing it opposite to the shutters, creating the feeling of a larger corridor. I love this clean and classic look.
What inspirational ideas can you come up with?

{all images via Veranda}

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    WOW! awesome interior design. Everything put together very well. Nice color combination.

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