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Dealing with clutter – Meta Lego

Sigh. Legos.
Those tiny, but totally fun bricks to build anything up -the entire universe if we could, and the total chaos that comes within. Those of us who have children at home, or adult lego lovers well know that storing and organizing are the real challenge behind the pieces.
Ok. I may be exagerating, but it’s true. Legos can easily become clutter.
And we hate clutter.
That’s why I loved this idea from  Kelly Farrell:
She came up with Meta Lego –acrylic lego containers. Each Meta Lego stores 64 pieces of the shape represented in the container. Clever, huh? Best of all is you can use them as building blocks themselves! And keep adding to the collection as you get more legos! WOW.
These storing blocks are not for sale, but Kelly is kind enough to show us how. If you are up for the challenge, share with us!
Now that’s a classy way to organize clutter!

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  • Reply Patti G 24 junio, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Me encantó la idea! Mi hijo tiene legos, y por maasss que trato de que los regrese a la bolsita donde se guardan sigo perdiendo piezas!!!

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