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Balcony Makeover

One of the things I enjoy the most about our Master Bedroom is it’s litte balcony. Actually, it’s probably the feature I like the most about the house, and one of the reasons I fell in love with it. Eventhough our room is small, having the balcony makes it feel slightly bigger and warmer.
Regular readers out there might remember what it looked like, and how we’ve been trying to work it into something more “us”.
We went from this:
To this:
It’s amazing how little changes do wonders. I love waking up and looking outside every single day. Can’t help it. Sometimes I actually get to see hummingbirds wandering around the blooms.
I planted these lovely tiny flowers in the topiaries’ containers.
Here’s a close-up for you. 😉
Aren’t they lovely? To me they’re all cuteness.
Oh, but what I’m most proud of are the mallows hanging from the balcony.
I love the blossoms. The colors are so inspirational! These pretty gals didn’t seem to like this spot at first, they made me have hard times. I’m so happy they feel at home now.
Of course I’d still love to add a couple chairs to the spot, but so far, I’m enjoying this space so much!

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