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    Artists- Patrick Dougherty

    Nothing like these gorgeous sculptures and installations for this lovely Friday. Patrick Doughterty is the artist behind the amazing creations. Combining his carpentry skills and deep love of nature, Patrick began to take interest…

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    DVF Home for Bloomingdale’s

    Diane von Furstenberg is a great fashion designer, famous for her wrap drees, but, did you know she has a home line at Bloomingdale’s? It has dinnerware, beddings, and more accesories, with a fresh…

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    Time Tellers (and News)

    To wrap up the week and get ready for the long weekend, I thought I’d share these gorgeous monthly calendars by  Pattern Matters. They’re hand-made, and each is a unique surprise. You should definitely…

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    Brand Spotlight – Rococo Furniture

    While surfing the web searching for information for one of my current projects, I bumped into Rococo, a Mexican firm making the most amazing and gorgeous furniture revamp. Most of their furniture is Louis…

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    Cute Little Nothings

    The morning sun…  Flowers lovingly given in the least expected day… A cake, baked and decorated by 10-year-old hands (with daddy’s help)… Those cute little nothings… …that end up being absolutely everything good in…

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    Dreamy Bathtubs

    As a girl, I had a built-in bathtub, and enjoyed delicious time there. Now that we got married and have a house of our own, there are no bathtubs around. We have been thinking…