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Junio 2010

  • Proyectos / DIY Varios

    Lámparas de papel (y otros materiales)

    Si tuviera algo de tiempo, me gustaría intentar hacer una lámpara de papel: via zilinzen via notcot via walyou via furniture home design ————————————————————————————————- Con la ayuda de alambre también podemos hacer creaciones hermosas:…

    28 Junio, 2010
  • ideas

    Old Crush, New Possibilites

    I think I’m falling in love again with my oldest crush.And how could I not to be crazy about this little guy, when it’s so much fun and gives me infinite possibilities? Chalkboard paint. That’s…

    24 Junio, 2010
  • Sin categor

    Dealing with clutter – Meta Lego

    Sigh. Legos. Those tiny, but totally fun bricks to build anything up -the entire universe if we could, and the total chaos that comes within. Those of us who have children at home, or…

    22 Junio, 2010
  • color decor pantone

    Which Is Your Color?

    The other day, while surfing the web, I stumbled upon Colorstrology, via Pantone. Besides being a beautiful web page, (full of color inpiration), it’s a fun site where you can find what your birthday color is.…

    16 Junio, 2010